Jay Abraham

I’ve examined and evaluated the methodology Phillip Stutts has developed to win highly competitive—win, or lose, only—political campaigns. Phillip’s approach wins almost every election. If it can do that in a mere matter of months for a political candidate, I’m convinced it can be epic if used properly by any profit-oriented enterprise and entrepreneur. Phillip and his methodologies are the…

Kirk S. Lippold

Hard-hitting and to the point, “Fire Them Now” will become the gold standard for negotiating with marketing and PR firms and setting the metrics for performance-based success for your business. Phillip Stutts’s book is the new disruptor in how to prepare for change and excel in the new business model that will define survival in the twenty-first-century marketplace.

Peter Klein

With so much information and noise coming at us every second of the day, it’s terrific to have a book that gives us a workable, practical approach for grasping the insights to guide us to success. “Fire Them Now: The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell” not only provides the formula for winning; it also is filled with real-world examples to…

Peter Mallouk

Innovate or your business dies. The capitalist world is sorting out winners and losers faster than ever. Phillip does a great job singling out strategies that have proven effective for some of the best in business, and distilled them into an easy to capture format.

Paul Finebaum

Phillip Stutts is a regular guest on my ESPN TV and radio show, and I find him smart, funny, and totally entertaining. “Fire Them Now” is an incredibly insightful look at how political strategies can transform digital media marketing. It’s a must-read!

Tucker Max

There is no one who knows more about digital marketing agencies and what they do wrong than Phillip Stutts. If you spend money with a digital marketing agency, you need to drop everything and read this book right now.

Donna Brazile

I’m from the other side of the political aisle, but I can tell you without reservation that the advice in “Fire Them Now” transcends partisanship. Phillip Stutts uncovers the truth about how to truly win big in business with unflinching honesty and humor. Best of all, it’s not just empty platitudes. He provides you with actual tools to succeed. “Fire…

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