Michael Hyatt

“I’ve had Phillip speak to my BusinessAccelerator coaching clients twice, and the feedback has been through the roof. Phillip specializes in marketing intelligence. His company has now conducted major consumer sentiment studies since the beginning of COVID-19. The bottom line is that everything has changed. How businesses need to be talking to their customers is completely different than it was…

Mark Cuban

“I love data. It all makes perfect sense and matches with what we are saying and doing. This is incredibly helpful, fascinating. Keep it coming. Send me your takeaways. Don’t leave me alone :). Let me know what you see!”

Jay Abraham

“Phillip is an absolute master and phenom when it comes to research, data, interpretations, correlations, and anomalies – especially when it comes to screening trends, opportunities, motivators, overlooked gaps of profitability – for his clients. He spends a fortune for one of the most sophisticated data operations in the world…accessing one of the most exclusive and insightful databases out there.…

Kris Dehnert

“Dugout Mugs is already an extremely data-driven company, so when Win BIG Media told us they were going to blow our mind with a bunch of stats we have never seen before, I was obviously a little hesitant. Boy was I glad to be wrong! The report they generated for us has drastically impacted our marketing strategies, ads, copy, and…

Keith Cunningham

“One of our biggest problems as business owners and senior leadership is understanding what motivates customers. This problem is especially acute following a dramatic shift in the environment. As a reminder, our job is not to scream at the hurricane, but rather adapt to play the hand we are dealt. It seems COVID-19 and quarantines have changed the game for…

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