The Undefeated Marketing System: How to Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using the Secret Formula That Elects Presidents

A Marketing Maverick Reshaping Business Success Using the Secret Formula That Gets U.S. Presidents Elected


Phillip Stutts brings business audiences a revolutionary new view of corporate marketing through the lens of successful presidential campaign victories. The takeaways are eye-opening.

On stage, Phillip unveils the secret 5-Step Undefeated Marketing Formula used by his company, Go BIG Media, to win U.S. Senate seats, Congressional races, and the White House. He shares with audiences how sports teams use this same formula to win championships, trial lawyers use it to win cases, and doctors to heal patients. As Phillip illustrates, the only ones not tapping into this winning formula are business marketers.

With more than 1,407 election victories in 25+ years—including hundreds of U.S. House campaigns, dozens of U.S. Senate campaigns, and three U.S. Presidential victories—Phillip knows political marketing on the highest level. Using behind-the-scenes war stories from the campaign trail and memorable marketing examples, Phillip entertains audiences while fundamentally shifting their thinking. He shows how strategies proven in the heat of marketing’s most ruthless arena can be applied to grow the bottom line of businesses.

A best-selling author, Phillip’s second book Undefeated: The Secret Marketing Formula That Elects Presidents and Will Grow Your Business Every Time, is due for release in 2021. FOX Business lauded Phillip as a “marketing genius.” ESPN called him “the political guru” and Mike Dillard dubbed him “The Michael Jordan of Political Marketing…”

Keynote Speaker on Marketing Data & Politics

As a keynote speaker for Keppler Speakers and Gary Vaynerchuk’s VaynerSpeakers, Phillip shares the successful marketing methods he applies to Fortune 200 companies and small businesses. He provides takeaways that help audiences convert more customers, grow their bottom line, and dominate the competition, simply by playing the game as nobody else does.

With entertaining often humorous tales from over two decades on the campaign trail and vivid marketing examples, Phillip lays out the data-driven keys any small business, entrepreneur, or corporation needs to convert more customers and grow their bottom line, simply by playing the game in a way no other competitor has even considered.

As Phillip tells his audience, “Follow this formula and your marketing will go undefeated.”

My company recently hosted a conference event for C-level executives within the travel and leisure market.  I hired Phillip Stutts as our keynote speaker. He was fantastic. The content was interesting as well as drew relevant connections to the business world. Our guests raved about the presentation!

Stephanie Adames

Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Interval International

Phillip was a top-rated speaker at our Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Construction Industry Network Roundtable. His vivid political and business marketing stories were laugh-out-loud funny, fascinating, and thought provoking. He knows how to draw an audience in, keep them entertained, and fundamentally shift their thinking about the future of economic disruption and marketing. Phillip’s the real deal and we will definitely hire him to speak to our members again.

Hermann J. Schneider

2019 YPO CIN Roundtable Chairman

You will know more about succeeding in the digital marketing space after you’ve heard him.

Carlos Lopez-Cantera

Lt. Governor, Florida and Real Estate Entrepreneur

As an authority on all things digital, Phillip Stutts consistently delivers dynamic content to Campaigns & Elections conference attendees, and it’s the reason I repeatedly ask him back to speak.

Shane D’Aprile

Co‑Owner & Co‑Publisher, Campaigns and Elections

Phillip provided our audience of lawmakers, policy professionals, advocates, and reform operatives compelling insights on telling stories in the digital age, with plenty of strategic guidance and applicable tactics for day‑to‑day operations. We’re eager to have him back!

John Schilling

Chief Operating Officer for the American Federation for Children

For 10 years I’ve leaned on Phillip as a friend, client and advisor to my business. As a professional keynote speaker, he is dynamic and inspirational—one of the best I’ve ever worked with. Hire him now, you won’t be disappointed.

Kirk S. Lippold

Commander, USS COLE, USN (Ret.) and author of “Front Burner: Al Qaeda's Attack on the USS Cole”

A winning campaign is based on building an organization from the ground up and developing a plan that incorporates all strategic thinking in order to execute and win. No one knows how to do that better than Phillip Stutts.

John Thune

U.S. Senator, South Dakota

Phillip is one of the most interesting and effective guys I know. He also always crushes it on live national TV with millions watching because he has real experience, unique (and sharp!) insight, and relentless humor.

Pete Hegseth

FOX NEWS Senior Political Analyst, FOX & Friends host, and author of "In the Arena: Good Citizens, a Great Republic, and How One Speech Can Reinvigorate America"

Campaigns are about putting hundreds of pieces of a plan together, being aggressive from a strategic
communications standpoint, and implementing that plan to win. I’ve never seen anyone do it as well as Phillip

Bobby Jindal

former Governor of Louisiana & 2016 presidential candidate

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