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Through a patented process, we find out how your ideal customers or target audience thinks, feels, and acts—with a combination of consumer data, real time decision and behavioral tracking, media consumption monitoring and A.I.-powered insights.

The Customer Insights Report is a month-long intensive research project, resulting in a 45-60 page report which serves as a data-driven roadmap for your marketing strategy. During the course of that month, we hold three phone calls with your team and work closely with you to get a better understanding of your target market. Then we track your customers to find important demographic, consumer, and behavioral characteristics to learn what they think, feel, and how they act. We then compile those data points to create key insights and formulate top takeaways to help you understand what your customer data means—all delivered during our hour-long final strategic call.

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Learn more about how our Customer Insights Report can help you connect with your customers and drive more conversions! Provide your info below and we’ll reach out with a complimentary sample report and consultation to prove how our process can help your business.

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Following delivery of your Customer Insights Report, if you wish to work with us on developing and executing your data-driven marketing strategy, our contracts are always month-to-month. Meaning we constantly prove our value and increase your ROI, or you can get rid of us, no strings attached. We’re confident in our ability to deliver a WIN for your company with a data-driven marketing strategy—and we are eager to show you how to leverage key insights to move your customers to convert at a higher rate and increase your bottom line.

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Customer Demographics, Media Consumption Habits, Daily Routines + Behavioral Insights, Personal Values and more…

Sean Nevins

Director of Marketing and Communications, New York Restoration Project

Mike Brown

Co-founder, Red Fox Capital

Charlie Kimmel

Kimmel & Associates

Mike Cohn

Rock Solid Stabilization and Reclamation, Inc.

The CIR is the solution to a maze – it presents a map of where to go, who to contact, how to contact them (the sources of media they consume), and then what to say (the message). Each of these is essential, and when connected correctly, you reach the center of the maze, and the result is our customer base wins because hearing from us solves their problem.

Scott Baker and Brian Ferritto

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