“I Tried Going Negative With My Advertising — and It Actually Worked. Here’s What I Learned” by Phillip Stutts

When it comes to marketing, negativity or comparison advertising, can be a slam-dunk if you’re trying to disrupt your competition in the marketplace.


I recently sat down with Melissa Thompson of Inc. to talk about my book Fire Them Now. I hope you enjoy her write up about a chapter in my book called Going Negative!


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We hear a lot about the power of positivity. Have you ever stopped to think about the power of negativity? This typically shows up in the form of political attack ads, but recently I’ve been experimenting with how I can use the power of negative and comparison advertising to support the growth of my own digital marketing.


At my company, thinking like an underdog both creates a drive within the company to innovate and also attracts a following of consumers who want to see us win and may even want to be a part of our win. We saw this happen specifically when a larger company sued us and it made local headlines. Many of our customers expressed their support, and when we finally won, we saw a bump in sales from new customers, referred by friends who had been backing us the whole time.


I sat down with Phillip Stutts…


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